The Werewolf of NYC is a comic-book created entirely in scratchboard art.  The cult-hit-original-horror series is a must read for any horror enthusiast. Printed in classic newsprint, full-color.

Albert Shaw – an overweight werewolf secluded in a 1980’s Hell’s Kitchen, New York City is plagued in decades of self-doubt. Unwillingly, he gains his thirst for blood again with a desperate attempt for world-fame. Created by Edwin Vazquez, The Werewolf of NYC  is a horror-thriller that rebels against the slick presentations of current comic book standards with nostalgic authenticity of the 1980’s.

“We need more “dangerous” people like [Edwin Vazquez] in comics these days. And, thankfully, his work doesn’t have to rely on a big gun and a bigger body count. This is the type of “image” comic that truly celebrates the image.”    whatchareading.com


“I’m both amused and creeped out by Edwin Vazquez’s Kickstarter campaign for The Werewolf of NYC, his 32-page comic (the first issue in a planned miniseries) about the aforementioned lycanthrope terrorizing the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.” CBR.com


“Vazquez’s choice in material will force him to be even bolder in his experimentation than Robert Crumb and his fellow comix creators and I, for one, can’t wait to see what the result is.” multiversitycomics.com


A Perfect Empire was created as an independent publishing company producing zines by Edwin Vazquez in 2005. Since their first publication, Roads End, created by Edwin Vazquez and Nick Carillo, A Perfect Empire has developed to recapture the vintage aesthetic of 1980s comic-book publishing. Printing with authentic newsprint paper and daring artistic ideals such as Jack Kirby with Korean Manhwa comics influence(s), A Perfect Empire opposes the mainstream. Titles such as Johnny is Dead and The Werewolf of NYC, A Perfect Empire continues its journey to become American’s leading comic-books publisher. With a focus on intellectual and artistic diversity from artists across the world.

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